Conical Spring

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Conical Spring Conical Spring Springs Conical Spring Conical Spring Springs Conical Spring Conical Spring Springs Conical Spring Conical Spring Springs

Conical springs in Malaysia refer to a type of spring that has a conical or tapered shape. These springs are widely used in various industries for their unique properties and applications. Conical springs are designed to provide compression, extension, or torsion force when they are compressed, stretched, or twisted, respectively.

In Malaysia, conical springs are utilized in numerous sectors, including:

  1. Automotive Industry: Conical springs are commonly found in vehicles for various purposes, such as suspension systems, clutch assemblies, braking systems, and seat mechanisms.

  2. Industrial Machinery: Conical springs are used in industrial machinery for applications such as shock absorption, vibration dampening, and load-bearing.

  3. Electrical and Electronics: Conical springs find applications in electrical switches, connectors, relays, and other electronic components where they provide contact force, ensure reliable connections, and assist in maintaining electrical continuity.

  4. Medical Devices: Conical springs are used in medical equipment and devices, including surgical instruments, implantable devices, and diagnostic equipment.

  5. Aerospace and Defense: Conical springs play a vital role in the aerospace and defense industries, where they are used in applications such as landing gear systems, missile guidance systems, and military equipment.

  6. Furniture and Bedding: Conical springs are utilized in furniture and bedding products, such as sofas, chairs, mattresses, and upholstered items, to provide comfort and support.

  7. Industrial Equipment: Conical springs are used in various industrial equipment, including compressors, pumps, valves, and heavy machinery, to provide force, absorb shocks, and maintain stability.

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