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GMT SOLUTIONS SDN BHD is a spring company which manufactures different types of springs to fulfil the requirements of the spring-operated mechanism they will be installed into.

We also manufacture custom compression springs amongst other types of springs like extension springs, torsion springs, conical springs, battery springs, craft springs, flat springs, special-shaped springs, wire form etc.

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  • To offer high quality, short delivery time with supreme value products to meet our customer needs.
  • To provide safe and harmony working environment, and bettering standard of living to our employees.
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Lighting Holder

Spring Washer

T0.5 Coil Spring

Craft Springs

Degradable Custom Printing Matt Zip Lock Bag Plastic Clothing Packaging Bags With Self Sealing Slider Zippers Waterproof Ziplock

Beauty and Neat

Colorful Butterfly Bubble Mailer Padded Self Seal Mail Shipping Bags

Factory Price Wholesale, Packing List Mailing Envelopes

PVC Belt Flat Conveyor Design

Manpower Grive Roller Conveyor Line


Vacuum Form Tray

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